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Most of the time when people see a t-shirt, the process that has been used to get the design on the shirt is through the process of screen printing. When screen printing, you are transferring a stenciled design onto a textile (cotton, silk, wool, etc.) by pressing the ink through a mesh screen with a squeegee to create the desired design. Then, the garment is placed in a heat oven/tunnel to set the ink. This process is also called serigraphy or silk screen printing, and even if you’re unsure of what it is, chances are you’ve worn or use screen-printed products in your life time.

Screen printing designs may use one color or multiple colors. However, for each color added, a new screen must be used because the colors are applied individually. So, this is one thing for customers to consider when looking to have a shirt screen printed; the more screens used, the higher the cost. However, screen printing is less expensive for larger orders (generally quantities of fifty or more).

By using this process, the colors printed come out vivid, even when printed on dark materials. And, because the same stencil can be used over and over again, It makes producing large quantities of a design easier and more cost effective.

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