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Many of our clients come to us with a logo that they would like embroidered onto a hat, polo shirt, hoodie, jacket, etc. This requires us to digitize their logo. When you digitize something, it means to convert something from an analog into a digital format. An example of this would be to scan a photograph or other print out and then have a digital copy on a computer. For us, that is just one method of converting an image. The other option is to use an existing digital art file such as JPEG, PNG, EPS or AI to convert the file to the proper file stitch format. And thanks to the digitizing technology we have in our shop, we are able to provide our clients with a clear and precise stitched version of their logo/design.

So, essentially what we are doing is taking an existing piece of artwork and turning it into an embroidery file. Then, we can run this on our embroidery machine by applying stitches to that artwork in our embroidery software. This process commands the machine how to stitch out a design.

For this process, our skilled and experienced digitizing technicians use Floriani Total Control Professional Embroidery Software and Pulse Software. This technology offers us many features to provide our clients with the best service and most options. Some benefits include the ability to create button holes, options for true type text fonts, color blending and outlines, alignment tools, and so much more to make your apparel stand out with precision.

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