Best Direct to Garment Printing in Ohio

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is the process of directly applying ink to a fabric using an inkjet printer.  Similar to when you print on a piece of paper at home, this process prints directly to the fabric, such as a t-shirt or tank top.  For this process, water-based inks are used because they are absorbed quickly by the fabric.

This type of printing is great for individual or small-batch projects because it works like a regular printer; you can only print one at a time per machine.  So, this process would take a long time for larger orders, but offers cost savings for smaller orders.  Customers will also find that DTG printing can be very precise and offers a wide variety of color options, which creates a high quality finished product.

Another benefit for using DTG for small batch projects is the number of colors is not subject to screen charges as in screen printing; colors are unlimited per print.   DTG can also be done on many surfaces such as wood planks, cork, tile, blue jeans, and other fabrics etc.  And, if a dark surface, such as navy blue or black, is being used, the printer will add a white underlayer to make the color more vibrant.  For DTG projects, we use our sophisticated Epson printer to give the high quality finish our customers have come to know and expect from our shop in Columbus, Ohio. 

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